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The company has been operating since 2013 and was founded by two entrepreneurs from Ida-Virumaa, who favoured innovative technology with high potential and prospects to change the world.

We choose to work and invest not only such priority areas as IT, fintech and databases, but also we are engaged in the construction of data centers, real estate, digital marketing, technical support, software development, and sponsorship.

It is important for us to invest in the future of our country and people living next to us. Working in this direction, we invest our time, effort and money in the development of those regions of Estonia that currently need it the most. One of our milestones in 2019 is to complete the construction of a data center in Narva, which is being carried out with the support and cooperation of Eesti Energia. In addition, we are engaged in sponsorship, and in particular – we provide assistance to the children’s football team “Phoenix” (Jõhvi).

At the end of 2018, the company entered the top fast-growing companies in Estonia, whose work, according to Äripäev, is the basis of the country’s economy. The company’s main office is located in Tallinn, Estonia.

Our mission

As innovators and among the fastest growing companies in Estonia, we believe that world-changing ideas can be discovered any time and anywhere. Which is why in our pursuit to become an industry leader, we plan to bridge the gap between ideas and action, fantasy and reality.


Highest standards

We adhere to the highest standards, and we strive not just to fulfill our promises, but to deliver solutions that exceed our customers' expectations.


Transparency and confidentiality

Our work is based on adhering to the principles of absolute transparency along with confidentiality, which allows us to provide the necessary level of reliability and safety to our clients, investors and employees.


Focus on younger

Our company has been creating new job opportunities in Estonia for more than six years, including positions for young professionals through participation in sTARTUp Days and collaboration with the Tallinn Technical University.


Development and training

We regularly attend conferences, business forums and various highly specialized industry events, as participants, speakers and sponsors.

Interviews with the founders

In real life, you have to work hard for what you believe in In real life, you have to work hard for what you believe in

In real life, you have to work hard for what you believe in

You can not accomplish much without a hard work. It was labor that made a monkey into a man. Practice makes perfect. No pain, no gain. Just joking! Of course, hard work will only get you that far, at some point you need a little luck, the time and place should be just right as well. Wishes are only granted for free in fairytales. In order for luck to play into your hands, you have to work hard. And, of course, it is important at all stages to share your vision and goals with the people you trust.

A great part of the success is the ability to take responsibility but never forgetting to delegate obligations and trust your employees. No man is an island, and a good leader will recognise the moment when it is time to transfer part of the work to other people. I was lucky with the people around us: we managed to assemble a team of the best specialists and like-minded people on whom you can rely on in any situation.

My most significant achievement in life is my children. Both literally and figuratively. I take as much pride in the success of the companies and projects, we have started, as I do in my own children.

My most significant achievement in life is the people close to me My most significant achievement in life is the people close to me

My most significant achievement in life is the people close to me

You can not accomplish much without a clearly set goal and confidence that it can be achieved. No matter what you do, you will always be faced with difficulties and struggle, such that sometimes you just want to give up and quit. It is precisely at such moments that a clear vision and a sense of purpose is most important: you need to be able to reconfigure quickly and remind yourself the reason why you’re doing it in the first place.

A great part of the success is attributed to a meticulously selected team, its intellectual strength, understanding, patience and, of course, friendship. Without trust within the team, it is unlikely anything will get done. You have to understand your team, and they have to be completely confident in you.

My most significant achievement in life is my family and the people around me: my friends and colleagues.

Interesting facts:

The name “Burfa” is an abbreviation of the toponym Burkina Faso, which means “the homeland of honest people” and is consistent with the philosophy of our company.
Over the past six years, the company has grown over 45 times its size, increasing the number of employees from two people at the start to 98 as of 2019, and financial turnover more than 50 times.
Burfa Capital is an international company headquartered in Estonia, with offices located in Belgium, San Marino and Ukraine.